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SLT-650 Center Surface Slitting Rewinding Machine

Applicable to all kinds of narrow width material, such as paper, film, special tape and so on.
  • SLT-650
  • 84411000


Main motor: Two rewind magnetic powder match up main motor to do constant control.
The main motor is for feeding and rewind magnetic powders are for tension control
so that the finished products have stable tension and beautiful outlook.

Rewind device: Rewind shaft arm adopts pneumatic type to control balance,
so that contact pressure is adjustable.
This machine has optional discontinuous guide roll rewind for slitting many order materials.

Electric device: LCD touch panel is used for setting tension, length, etc.
The control system adopts Siemens PLC to control movements with self-detection function,
so error can be found out easily.

Unwind device: One-piece base, human operation, simple and convenient.

Main technical parameter

Max. rewind diameter


Machine width


Max.unwind diameter


Paper core I.D.

3 "/6"

Min. slitting width


Max. maching speed


Air source

0.6 MPa

Power source

380V 3P 50HZ

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