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SLF-S Four-shaft Turret Exchange Protection Film Slitter Rewinder

Suitable for slitting & rewinding low tension protection film such as PE protection film, electrostatic film, etc.
  • SLF-S


  • 84411000

1.       The motor unit adopts three-motor connective control with high speed, stable tension and nice looking products.
2.       Machine is equipped with tension detecting device with PLC auto constant tension control system.
3.       Main driving uses rubber roller pressing type to avoid asynchronous problem between material and press roller. And unwind & rewind tension is separated to make whole tension more stable.
4.       Rewind unit adopts four shafts turret exchange system to save time and material waste.
5.       Machine adopts surface type passive rewinding and rubber roller pressure is adjusted by precision regulator. It’s by constant tension control without bubble or wrinkles.
6.       Unwind unit adopts motor driving; feeding speed is controlled by floating roller. Low friction cylinder controls floating roller tension to ensure unwind tension is constant.
7.       Machine guiding rollers use mirror treatment to avoid any scratch.
8.       Waste collect system can choose left-right moveable surface rewinding type, servo motor control center rewind type and blower fan collect type.
9.       Slitting blade can use air blade, shear blade, razor blade for different material slitting.
Optional Items
Jumbo roll uplifter: hydraulic type, for time & labor saving.
Technical Parameters
Max. rewind O.D. 300mm Machine width 1.0M/1.3M/1.6M
Max. unwind O.D. 600mm Core I.D. 3 "/6"
Min. slitting width 15mm Machine max.speed 100M/Min
Air source 0.6 MPa Power source 380V 3P 50HZ
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