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SLD-61522 High Speed Laminated Film Slitting Rewinding Machine

Suitable for slitting rewinding various laminated films such as BOPP film, CPP Film, PE film, PVC film, PET Film etc.
  • SLD-61522
  • 84411000
l  Unwind unit: shaftless unwind stand with 3” & 6” cone chucks
l  Automatic web guide control: EPC/LPC 
l  Automatic tension control 
l  Rewind duplex differential shaft with slip ring fully arranged
l  Siemens PLC programmable control
l  10” touch panel to input parameters
l  Line speed up to 500meters per minute
l  Slitting unit: razor blade (standard) & shear blade (optional)
l  Edge trimming by blower (side type)
l  Infrared fray auxiliary core positioning system to save time
l  Auto push-off device with finished reel unloader system (optional)
Main Technical Parameters
Machine width 1.3M/1.6M
Min. slitting width 30mm
Max. unwind diameter 800mm
Max. rewind diameter 600mm
Max. speed 500M/min
Paper core I.D. 3 "/6 "
Power source 380V 50HZ 3P
Certification CE

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