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Masking Tape Manufacturing Machine

Views:210     Author:Haya Hsueh     Publish Time: 2017-10-25      Origin:Site

Here's a sneak peak of the whole factory plan:
Coating machine: this is a big project, as coating machine requires relevant glue equipment, glue formula, more technique, for new customers, we recommend starting from converting.
Step 1,
Rewinding masking tape jumbo rolls into log roll, use FR-808 double-shaft auto rewinding machine:


Step 2, 
Cutting log rolls into narrow width finished products, use FR-1300B double-shaft auto cutting machine:



Tape Jumbo Rolls:

masking tape jumbo roll

Air compressor:
If you need profit analysis or any question about tape production, please contact our sales team:furimach@furimach.com

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