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KZJ-0102 Automatic Face Mask Making Machine

Suitable for the production of disposable flat masks in medical, industrial, civil and other industries.
  • KZJ-0102
  • 84778000
1. The whole machine system adopts programmable PLC central control and touch panel operation interface, which is simple and convenient to operate.
2.  The equipment structure adopts a main machine with two ear band welding machines to maximize equipment performance and efficiency.
3.  The body edge banding and ear band welding adopt an ultrasonic system. The welding quality is stable, durable and environmentally friendly.
4.  The whole machine is a one-line automated production line from raw material feeding to finished products, with high production capacity and low defect rate.
5.   Automatic counting and stacking of finished products, accurate counting and saving labor.

Technical Parameters
Max. Finished Product 175 x 95mm Weight 1600kg
Capacity 90-120pcs/Min Air Pressure 0.4-0.6Mpa
Machine Dimension 6800Lx2400Wx1800H Power Source 220V/380V 3P 50HZ
Power 8.5KW

This machine can use 1 to 4 layers of PP spunbond non-woven fabrics, activated carbon and filter materials to automatically produce multi-layer flat masks. And ultrasonic welding, finished product stacking and conveying are all automated done. It adopts programmable PLC central control system, touch panel to ensure simple operation and stable performance.
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