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How to Set Up an Adhesive Tape Factory?

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Adhesive tape includes: BOPP packing tape, masking tape, duct tape, double-sided tape, pvc electrical insulation tape, etc.
First of all, we should be clear which type of adhesive tape we plan to produce.
Take BOPP packing tape for example, to start this business, we should prepare:
BOPP Tape Jumbo Rolls 
Paper Cores
Operator: 2 persons
Converting Machine
Working Procedure: for example, we want to produce 48mm wide 50 yard BOPP packing tape.
First step: cut paper cores into 48mm wide
Second step: load paper cores on the rewind shafts
Third step: converting jumbo rolls into 50 yard
Basic Machine---------------FR-202
Advanced Machine----------FR-210
Luxury Fully Automatic-----BFA-16
Packing Machine:
Tube Type---------------------FR-BZ400
Final Product Pictures
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