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HSP-4020 Shrink Packing Machine

Suitable for packing light industry, food and beverage, candy, stationery commodity, printing products, medicine, chemical, hardware and electrical components, etc.
  • HSP-4020
  • 84224000
Technical Parameters
Model  4020  4525   4535   6040    10030
Conveyor speed 010M/min
Shrink room size
800×400×200 900×450×250 900×450×350 1200×600×400 1000×300
Packing film PVC, PP, POF, PE shrink film
Voltage 3P (380220V 50HZ)
Power 6.8kw 6.8kw 7.5kw 14kw 18kw
This machine is the latest automatic continuous shrink packing equipment at present. It adopts quartz far-infrared tube heating for saving electricity (save 15% plus). Shrink packing machine adopts frequency control motor, whose speed can be adjusted within wide range. This machine has a nice appearance with easy maintenance, and is applicable to all kinds of shrinking films.
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