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FTPT High Precision Protection Film Coating Machine

Suitable for coating electronic materials, PET protection film, etc.
  • FTPT


  • 84778000

1PLC control system with touch panel operation
2Backside & face side glue coating     
3Glue coating is average to save glue and other cost
4Auto unloading, non-stop rewind and receive film
5Simple operation, unwind & rewind by inverter motor control
6Auto tension control, multi section auto edge control
7External heating shell type oven, inside all SUS304 make, precise filter to ensure it clean.
8Temperature control by sections, and adjustable upon request
9Oven dry adopts slit nozzle with high efficiency.
Main Technical Parameters
Model 500 1000 1300 1600
Effective width 500 mm 1000 mm 1300 mm 1600 mm
Machine speed 15-60m/min 15-80m/min 15-80m/min 15-80m/min
Glue averageness ±0.001 mm
Rewind smoothness ±1.5 mm
Total power 25-65 HP 40-85 HP 60-135 HP 60-155 HP
Oven length Upon customers request
Heating method Electricity/stem/hot blast/thermal oil
Power source 380V  50Hz

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