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Working slowly and deliberately


FTBP VHB Foam Tape Coating Machine

Suitable for coating VHB acrylic foam tape jumbo rolls.

  • 84778000
1. PLC control and interface operation.
2. Multi unwind and rewind shafts, multi-layer laminating and stripping the base film.
3. The machine is stable with average glue coating and energy saving.
4. Automatic unloading, rewinding and film receiving without stopping the machine.
5. Operation is simple, unwind & rewind by inverter motor control.
6. Auto sectionalized tension control and auto multi-point EPC system.
7. UV lamp heating & curing is used as heat source to save cost and protect environment.
Main Technical Parameters:
Effective width 1200-1500mm
Roller width 1350-1650mm
Unwind diameter Max. 1000mm
Rewind diameter Max. 1200mm
Mechanical speed 30m/min
Coating speed 2-15m/min
Coating type Double-roller type
Viscosity 50-150cps
Oven temperature 15-35℃
Heat resource UV curing
Oven length Upon customer's request
Voltage 380V 50HZ 3P
Add:NO.2258, West Chengbei Road, Bacheng  Town, Kunshan, Jiangsu, China
Tel: +86-512 5341 3077
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