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Working slowly and deliberately


FR-402 PVC Electrical Tape Packing Machine

Suitable for packing PVC electrical insulation tapes.

  • FR-402
  • 84224000
1. Dual rotating pan design and independent shaft packing are adopted to improve efficiency.
2. Schneider PLC is used for data process, servo motor control (relative movements of auto unloading pan, electric parts, motor, servo motors)
3. Digital data process, with combined function of Siemens PLC and photoelectric system, to realize high precision position and accurate running.
4. The touch panel has auto error detecting and display function, parameter, process data and parts position can be easily set.
Technical parameters:
Max. film diameter 250mm Max. paper roll diameter 80mm
Packing size range 65~80mm Packing speed 2500pcs/h
Air source 0.6Mpa Power source 1P 220V

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