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Working slowly and deliberately


FR-215 Air Blade BOPP Stationery Tape Slitting Machine

Suitable for slitting BOPP tape, stationery tape, etc.

  • FR-215
  • 84778000
1. Full-automatic four-shaft exchange is adopted and the efficiency is improved.
2. PLC control system with touch panel operation.
3. Automatic shaft exchange: once the rewinding operation is finished, the machine will automatically perform shaft exchanges for convenient and efficient operations.
4. The banana roller is used to eliminate tape wrinkles during extension and feeding.
5. Air blades: this unit is fitted with 3" air blades, permitting the slitting of a variety of tapes. The knife positions can be adjusted in left/right directions and the pressure of the air blades can be adjusted to suit tape material variation.
6. Spool trim winder is used for edge trimming collect and if tape gets broken during running, machine will auto stop.
Main Technical Parameters
Effective width
Max. unwind diameter
800 mm
Slitting width
Min. 12mm
Rewind diameter
120 mm (1" core) 150mm (3” core)
I.D. of paper core
Machine speed
0-180 M/min
Add:NO.2258, West Chengbei Road, Bacheng  Town, Kunshan, Jiangsu, China
Tel: +86-512 5341 3077
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