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FR-1650-3A Satellite Type Rotary Die Cutting Machine

This machine is applicable for adhesive tape, protection film, foam, mesh cloth, aluminum and copper foil, back light module, flexible circuit board, medicine and hygiene field, etc.
  • FR-1650-3A


  • 84778000

1. The main operation interface adopts Japan Mitsubishi 10.4” high resolution touch panel, with picture display for easy operation.
2 . It can save more than 500 kinds of SOP data, improve standard level, and reduce dependence on operators experience and reduce more than 60% material waste.
3. All unwind & rewind shafts are driven separately by Japan Mitsubishi servo motors. The unwinding, rewinding, straight & reverse rotation is more flexible.
4. All cutter holder’s movements are controlled by high power Japan Mitsubishi servo motors, die cutting movement is driven by big roller with enough torsion and better synchronism, precision can be ± 0.05mm ~± 0.1mm.
5 . The control system is operated by Japan Mitsubishi PLC and logic movement controller with better synchronism.
6. Moveable auxiliary unwind shaft and guiding rollers.
7. Fracturing detecting (including transparent material) machine stop or alarming to reduce material waste.
Main Technical Parameters
Material widthmm 10150 WeightKG 2000
Max. speedM/min 50 Power source 380V 50Hz 3P
Unwind/rewind diameter 500mm Max. power 15KW
Machine dimensionmm L3000×W1850×H1000 Precision ±0.05mm~±0.1mm

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