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BZL-S Tube Type Adhesive Tape Packing Machine

Suitable for packing BOPP packing tape, masking tape, duct tape, pvc electrical tape, etc.
  • BZL-S


  • 84224000

1.      Indicator lights are used to avoid wrong cutting and protect operator.
2.      Two-side air supply system ensures perfect sealing.
3.      Constant temperature controlled automatically by improted AC contactor
4.      Imported inverter supplies stepless transmission
5.      Large air flow system cools product quickly after shrinking
6.      Easy to operate by touch panel
7.      Feeding entrance positions precisely and can be adjustable
8.      Furnace size can be customized
9.      up and down air system on transport ensure to achieve perfect packaging
Technical Parameters:
Power Source AC380V 50Hz/60 Hz
Max. Film Size L500 x W280
Conveyor Speed 40M/min (adjustable)
Packing Temp. 180°C - 250°C
Flim Thickness(mm) 0.0150.10
Work Speed(pcs/min) 0-20
Air Pressure(Kg/cm2) ) 5 Kg/cm2)
Packing Material PE
Total Power(Kw) 12KW
Machine Dimension(mm) L2900 x W2000 x H1600
Machine Weight(Kg) 400
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