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BZA-S Flatbed Adhesive Tape Packaging Machine

Suitable for packing BOPP packing tape, masking tape, duct tape, pvc electrical tape, etc.
  • BZA-S


  • 84224000

1. Sealing blade is made of special alloy processed by Teflon to ensure anti-sticky, seal firmly, no smoke and no pollution. The sealing frame is made of high-quality alloy to ensure sealing quality and no distortion;
2. Total machine is controlled full-automatically equipping with photoelectric detection to achieve unmanned high-speed operation;
3. Easy to change product’s dimension by hand wheel;
4. Can be a product line by connecting other machines;
5. This machine has function of avoiding wrong sealing and protect operator

Technical Parameter
Power Source AC220V 50Hz/60 Hz
Power of Cross-cutting(W) 550W
Power of Vertical(W) 500W
Sealing Temp. Related to the environment and the thickness of the material, generally is 180—250
Sealing Time(sec) 0-3
Flim Thickness(mm) 0.0150.10
Work Speed(pcs/min) 0-25
Air Pressure(Kg/cm2) ) 5
Material POF
Max. Sealing Size(mm) L550×W450
Max. Packing Size(mm) L500 x W400 x H120
Machine Dimension(mm) L1700×W900×H1400
Machine Weight(Kg) 320Kg

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